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SummerCollab is always looking for extraordinary people to join our growing team. If you are driven, proactive, positive, and willing to challenge yourself and operate with a growth mindset, SummerCollab is the place for you. Explore open positions below.

Tyler’s Camp Instructor

Are you a experienced dance, music, athletics, technology, and other specialty skill instructor? Tyler’s Camp Instructors will execute curriculum in their discipline on a daily basis at Tyler’s Camp. They will play supportive roles to students throughout the summer as they explore their interests and passions.

EXPLO Studio Instructor

Are you a driven, experienced teacher with passion for hands on, project based learning in which students take control? EXPLO Studio Instructors will serve as facilitators of high-quality learning, which will revolve around open-ended problem-solving experiences.

Tyler’s Camp Counselor

Are you a creative, passionate individual who enjoys working with children of a variety of ages? Tyler’s Camp Counselors will work with the Instructors to ensure smooth daily operations during instruction.

Tyler’s Camp Dean of Students

Are you a proactive and flexible problem solver whose desire and passion is to help students reach their greatest potential? The Dean of Students works with campsites during the summertime to support camper behavior throughout the program day.

Strive Facilitator

Are you an experienced teacher with passion for growing social emotional skills development in youth? The Strive Facilitators, through training and ongoing support, will serve not only as instructors but as role models as we embody the Tyler’s Camp motto to “Be Kind. Have Fun. Try It On.”

Tyler’s Camp Director

Are you interested to assume the overall leadership, culture, and oversight of a specific camp location to ensure that the camp goals are met or exceeded? The Tyler’s Camp Director’s role is critical to the camp staff and students, supervising them and ensuring the students’ capacity to access and meaningfully engage in high-quality enrichment opportunities.

Tyler’s Camp Reading Specialist

SUMMERCOLLAB’S STORY SummerCollab transforms educational outcomes for low-income children by equipping community-based institutions and schools with the curricular, academic, and organizational

Reading Corps

Are you interested in helping children learn in a small group setting? Reading Corps Members carry out SummerCollab’s literacy program while collecting and reporting literacy data.

Reading Specialist

Are you interested in developing site-wide systems to carry out SummerCollab’s literacy program? Reading Specialist support partner sites by ensuring literacy programs are being carried out with fidelity.

Behavior Dean

Do you have expertise in behavior management in an academic or camp setting? Behavior Specialists support partner sites by carrying out site-wide positive behavior management systems while assisting with ground-level operations during the summer.

Behavior Specialist

Do you have expertise in behavior management in an academic or camp setting? Behavior Specialists support partner sites by implementing site-wide positive behavior management systems.

Operations Specialist

Are you interested in ground-floor operations and systems delivery, while developing systems management skills? Operations Specialists support partner sites by administering data collection and supply delivery during the summer months.


Are you interested in working with kids and gaining experience in the classroom? Counselors assist Teacher Counselors by supporting campers throughout the summer program day, including SummerCollab programming and recreational programming.

Teacher Counselor

Do you enjoy working with children and want to deliver impactful learning opportunities during the summer? The Teacher Counselor is responsible for delivering SummerCollab curriculum at a partner site during the summer.

Program Dean

Are you interested in supporting operations and systems during the summer, while directly shaping program experiences for kids? The Program Dean helps ensure that both SummerCollab and agency systems and curriculum are being implemented with fidelity during the summer.

Program Coach

Are you interested in developing your adult management experience, while making an impact in your community? Program Coaches work with Camp Leaders to grow camp capacity to reach ambitious summer learning goals.

Are you a high school student looking for volunteer opportunities?

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