Our Team

Catherine Lindroth

President and CEO

Catherine is the founder of the Summer Learning Collaborative, which was established as a product of her work with Teach for America (TFA) Delaware. While at TFA, Catherine served as the Director of Community Impact, through which she worked intensely with local teachers and community leaders to address summer learning loss and its impact on Wilmington’s low-income youth. Catherine is passionate about public service and youth empowerment, and has spent her career seeking solutions to educational and social inequities that plague low-income children. Catherine’s single-minded focus on equality has inspired her to work not only with local youth, but internationally, as she has spearheaded youth programming efforts in Kenya and India.

Laura Sindoni

Director of Operations

Laura is also a TFA alumna, spending three years teaching preschool at the Latin American Community Center in Wilmington, DE. Through her work there, Laura witnessed the importance of community-based centers, as well as the need for high-quality programming in community center space. As Director of Operations with the SummerCollab, Laura focuses on internal organizational development, and guiding SummerCollab’s expansion efforts. Prior to joining TFA, Laura was an attorney practicing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; her desire to work with children, especially those in highest need, drove her change in career and continue to inspire her work.

Noah Friedman

Creative Director

Noah first stepped into the classroom as a sophomore in college when he became an instructor/residence advisor for Explo at Yale. During the two summers spent at Explo, Noah wrote and lead courses on creative writing, artistic expression from the Beat Generation to the Hippies, detective fiction and film, and poetry of hip-hop. After graduating from the University of Rochester with a BA in English, Noah joined Teach for America where he taught middle school writing and social studies in Glendale, Arizona for two years. During this time, Noah earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing: Poetry from the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. Noah began working with SummerCollab fall 2016 as a curriculum writer, and subsequently developed and oversaw SummerCollab's curriculum seminar in partnership with Minvera Institute.