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We transform educational outcomes for low-income students by equipping community-based institutions to execute extraordinary summer learning programs.

In lockstep with national experts in camp management and execution, our partnering agencies grow their ability to plan, manage, execute and evaluate the success of their summer camp programs for low-income youth. We employ and train top teachers, high school and college students to help them do it.


Summer is a missed opportunity

Low-income children in America lose up to three months of learning in just twelve weeks of summer. If they attend a summer camp, it is recreational and prioritizes safety and volume. Middle and high income youth, however, gain two months of learning. They are challenged to see themselves as astronauts, global problem solvers, and engineers. This dichotomy, repeated year after year, accounts for two – thirds of the opportunity gap between low and high income students. Summer Matters.

Summer inequality contributes to a national crisis

Each year, approximately 1.3 million students fail to graduate from high school; more than half are students of color.

22% of children who have lived in poverty don’t graduate from high school, compared to only 6% of those who have never been poor.

Dropouts from the class of 2010 alone will cost the nation more than $337 billion in lost wages over the course of their lifetimes.

Summer can change everything

Students in poverty often experience academic and cognitive lags driven by emotional and social challenges as well as acute and chronic stressors. Researchers have well documented the long-term and negative impact of these factors on academic achievement of low income youth and the need to combat that impact through enriching environments that meet the needs of the whole child.  Today, community based institutions and schools across the country systematically offer food and recreational opportunities to low income students over the summer. More is needed. What if summer offered all kids an intentional culture of achievement, individualized instruction, and positive behavior support? What if summer could help to transform the educational outcomes of our highest need students?

Here’s how

By working closely with camp and school leaders throughout the year, SummerCollab helps summer institutions act as a precise support to students. Through engagement with cognitively rigorous curriculum and pullout services that build student skills, our campers return to school in the fall better equipped to engage with academic content. An intentional culture of achievement fosters close relationships between peers and staff, measurably boosting confidence and performance in the upcoming school year.

Our proven strategy to reverse summer learning loss

Curriculum & Reading Intervention

Leaders select courses from our curriculum library and work with our reading specialist to build a curriculum equipped to reverse summer learning loss and inspire critical thinking in our highest need students.


Year-Round Planning Support

Grow the bandwidth of your leadership team by selecting a Curriculum Director, Instructional Coaches and Operations Specialists to work collaboratively on summer planning and execution from November through August.

Staff Training & Coaching

Engage the services of elite professional development partners and instructional coaches to improve the quality of counselor effectiveness, student engagement and staff accountability.  

Data Collection & Assessment

Consistently gauge the progress of your camp, counselors and students through SummerCollab’s comprehensive data collection system. End of summer data will be packaged for your external use to funders and board members.

We’re making a difference

As a result of our efforts, SummerCollab helped learning loss for 2,000 low-income students in Delaware. Rather than losing up to four months of reading competencies, our partnering agencies posted average reading gains of nearly four months of growth.

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