Strive Facilitator

Strive Facilitator


SummerCollab transforms educational outcomes for low-income children by equipping community-based institutions and schools with the curricular, academic, and organizational resources, to execute extraordinary summer learning programs.  SummerCollab employs and trains top teachers, high school and college students to help them do it. In 2017, we received the National Summer Learning Association Excellence Award for our innovative approach to making smarter.

SummerCollab focuses on summer learning because leading education researchers point to the summer opportunity gap as a key driver of educational inequality.  To be precise, two thirds of the achievement gap is attributable to summer learning inequity.  To solve this problem, SummerCollab specializes in empowering existing community based agencies and schools to execute high quality summer learning programs, targeting the highest need youth in our communities.

Last year, SummerCollab helped nearly 2,000 kids reverse learning loss in vocabulary, phonics and sight word recognition. This year, SummerCollab will aim higher.  Through its alliances with nearly 40 community partners, cultural institutions and schools, SummerCollab will engage Delaware’s highest need youth in dynamic, effective learning institutions that meet precise literacy deficits, grow critical thinking skills, and deepen sense of self.  With your help, Delaware’s highest-needs kids will explore, learn, and grow during the summertime.



Tyler’s Camps are SummerCollab’s 4-5th Grade and Middle School Academies, which welcome students from diverse backgrounds and interests to engage in exploratory and educational programming. At its 5 Tyler’s Camp Academies across the state of Delaware, SummerCollab executes inspiring, confidence-building experiences that fuel student motivation and success during the academic school year.

Participation at Tyler’s Camp offers a wide variety of programming, including art, music, athletic, technology, and dance, paired with world class project-based learning experiences for students to choose from. During the summer, students get to choose what to study, from courses including audio engineering, guitar, volleyball, coding, swimming, computer technology, field hockey, inventing workshops, lacrosse, ballet, and animation. Through a variety of high quality and immersive experiences, students see growth in their motivation, self-esteem, critical thinking, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.



At Tyler’s Camp our kids are free to explore their personal interests and grow their skill in areas of their choosing – all while practicing problem solving, leadership, and literacy skills. Strive: How You Lead Matters is an extraordinary addition to the Tyler’s Camp Program and the facilitators of Strive’s curriculum will be pivotal to the meaningful social-emotional growth and engagement of our kids this summer.

Strive Facilitators will attend a three day training run by Strive leadership in Wilmington. This training will equip Facilitators to effectively deliver curriculum and create an intentional culture of achievement.  Strive believes “How You Lead Matters,” and its leaders are dedicated to spreading the power of character-driver leadership.  STRIVE partners with young people and adults across the United States to develop character leaders and build unique, conscious cultures. 

Through our partnership, we create an environment in which kids are encouraged to try new activities, challenge themselves, and support each other. Strive Facilitators, through training and ongoing support, serve not only as instructors, but as role models as we embody the Tyler’s Camp motto to “Be Kind. Have Fun. Try It On.”



SummerCollab is seeking driven, experienced teachers with passion for growing social emotional skills development in high need youth.  Candidates should have a positive attitude, culturally conscious mindset, excellent judgment and a strong growth mindset. The ideal candidate should share and cultivate Tyler’s Camp values and norms (e.g. respecting student voice and choice, acting with cultural consciousness, accepting and offering feedback, holding and helping students to develop a growth mindset, and operating with a trauma sensitivity).  The ideal candidate for this role has 2 or more years of teaching experience, with strengths in student engagement, project-based learning and behavior management strategies.



  • Participate in all staff training sessions and preparation time.
  • Prep for and facilitate full or half day sessions with student groups.
  • Cultivate and uphold a culture of achievement through productive struggle in the classroom and throughout the program day.
  • Teach Strive Leadership Class (SLC) according to given curriculum. Staff will be provided with training, curriculum and actively participate in weekly curriculum review.
  • Review Tyler’s Camp Handbook and complete any required forms prior to the start of summer

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