Tyler's Camp Virtual STRIVE Facilitator

Tyler’s Camp STRIVE Facilitator


Tyler’s Camp, SummerCollab’s middle school academy, offers Delaware’s rising 4th through 8th graders a unique summer experience. Each Tyler’s Camp location targets a wide variety of students by providing arts, hands-on technology, and athletic options, alongside targeted literacy support. With this, students have the opportunity to see growth in their motivation, self-esteem, critical thinking, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.



The Strive Instructor is a leader in social-emotional learning and leadership. As the Strive Instructor, major responsibilities include:

  • Participate in a required teacher training in late June.
  • Teach 2 daily blocks of our S​ocial Emotional & Leadership​ Class (SELC), 4 days/week. (Each class = 45 minutes.)
  • Collaborate effectively with Tyler’s Camp Counselors.
  • Communicate effectively with Tyler’s Camp Counselors, Directors and Deans.
  • Assist with course evaluation process and participate in weekly curriculum review as requested.



Candidates need to possess proven experience in:

  • Teaching/working with​ middle school ​youth – at least two years preferred.
  • Teaching/working with low-income youth – at least two years preferred.
  • Building an engaging and positive classroom culture with clear and high expectations.



  • A Bachelor’s Degree — graduate or professional degree is preferred.
  • A strong sense of integrity, professionalism and responsibility.
  • A strong work ethic with high expectations of self and a team-first mentality.
  • At least a solid level of exposure to, interest in and understanding of, social-emotional learning.
  • Grit — positive energy, an openness to feedback, flexibility, resilience and stamina.
  • Patience and empathy.
  • A definitive interest in a career serving young people.
  • All legal employment requirements.
  • Other core competencies needed to effectively fulfill the position’s responsibilities.

For more information, contact jclinton@summercollab.com