Revolutionizing Out-of-School Time Learning

Creating Unlimited Possibilities for Programs and Kids

Summer matters for kids

The academic achievement gap between high-income and low-income children is relatively small during the school year but widens significantly during the summer. Low-income children in Wilmington lost up to 3 months of learning in the summer while high-income children gain up to 2 months of learning. This dichotomy, repeated year after year, accounts for two-thirds of the academic achievement gap.

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Summer is a missed opportunity

Low-income children in America lose up to three months of learning in just twelve weeks of summer. If they attend a summer camp, it is recreational and prioritizes safety and volume. Middle and high income youth, however, gain two months of learning. They are challenged to see themselves as astronauts, global problem solvers, and engineers. This dichotomy, repeated year after year, accounts for two – thirds of the opportunity gap between low and high income students. Summer Matters.

Tyler’s Camp

Summer is a time for kids to run wild & explore—a time to play, sprint, create, take chances, learn, & grow. At Tyler’s Camp, campers take on a range of activities, courses, and projects across disciplines, which might include everything from basketball, field hockey, and soccer to painting, dance, and percussion. During their summer at Tyler’s Camp, kids will experience programming that responds to their interests, their academic growth, and their personal growth. Tyler’s Camp has partnered with a team of expert educators, including STRIVE, to create a diverse community of leaders to support campers throughout the summer.

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AmeriCorps Summer Literacy Corps

Founded in partnership with AmeriCorps in 2018, the Summer Literacy Corps seeks to deliver targeted reading instruction to K-5  campers at our partner sites. As a result of this intervention, 87% of campers reversed summer learning loss, while making average literacy gains of over three months. A corresponding, and deeply significant, outcome was the impact that our Corps Members had on their campers, increasing their love of reading and their belief in themselves and their abilities.

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Community Mentor Network (CMN)

Community Mentor Network (CMN) is a coordinated strategy that provides targeted 1:1 social-emotional learning and mentoring support to low-income students who have experienced unprecedented learning and socio-emotional loss due to Covid. In partnership with the SummerCollab leadership team, program leaders refine their approach to operating their existing summer and/or out-of-school time programming with the support of national experts as well as additional resources that target staffing, planning, training, and assessment.


The one-size-fits-all model for resource exchange leaves something to be desired. Each member site is unique, has its own identity, its own community, strengths, and obstacles. When they partner with SummerCollab, member sites choose from range of resources based on their specific needs.


Jaffe Awards Honors SummerCollab for Contributions to Women’s and Children’s Health and Well-Being

Wilmington DE, Oct. 18, 2018 –  The ascena Foundation has recognized SummerCollab and its founder & CEO, Catherine Lindroth, along


Announcing the First Annual Tyler Brown Memorial Wrestling Tournament

1st Annual Tyler Brown Memorial Wrestling Tournament Saturday November 3, 2018 – A.I. du Pont High School 50 – Hillside


Student-Centered Instruction: A Portfolio

SummerCollab’s curriculum dispels of the notion of “the right answer.” At the beginning of every class, students receive a challenge,

“Conquering summer learning is daunting, but we are in this together because we are a group of people who share a common vision – we are in this climb one day at a time, and one day, we will reach the top.”

- Bain Manley