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We support leadership teams in community based organizations to help execute engaging, high quality summer learning programs

SummerCollab provides comprehensive support to camp directors who run summer programs serving low income students.  Member Camps receive up to $35,000 in targeted human capital, curriculum, data services, professional development and executive coaching. Investments meet the highly specific capacity needs of community based agencies and schools seeking to increase the rigor, culture and caliber of their summer programs. Each month between October and June, SummerCollab will offer resources that meaningfully improve camp operations and translate into an extraordinary summer learning experience.

Partner Application

October: Become a member

Camps are selected for Collab Membership after a competitive application and 360 review process completed between May and August. Camps welcomed into the network will launch their summer planning year in close partnership with other collaborative partners in our network. A veteran member will pair up with new programs to offer early stage support, and all members will begin the year in a Summer Learning Retreat that will establish a foundation for knowledge sharing within the network.

November: Select a Learning Lab

After completing a 360* Review, Camp Directors will self-select into one of several Learning Labs. Learning Labs are run by experts in areas related to the operational success of our summer programs. Topics range from Behavior Management and Culture Building to Staff Accountability, Management and Report Building. Learning Labs run for six months, offering Camp Directorship the opportunity to engage with executive coaching in an area of specific need as well as a cohort of similarly positioned Camp Directors working on shared operational challenges.

December: Choose your Curriculum Director

Camp Directors will select from a pool of highly qualified teachers interested in growing their school leadership and administrative skills. Curriculum Directors become a trusted member of the camp’s Leadership Team, with Camp Directors delegating key pieces of the summer planning process to these capable teachers. As a planning team, CD and Camp Director will work together to complete SummerCollab planning deliverables such as developing a behavior management plan, a talent accountability system, executing staff training, reading intervention, and – overall – establishing the environment necessary to ensure summer can drive academic learning gains for high-need students.

January: Design your learning program:

Camp Directors select courses from our curriculum library and work with our reading specialist to build a curriculum equipped to reverse summer learning loss and inspire critical thinking. Curriculum topics are engaging and hands on for students, and all are meticulously built to improve problem-solving abilities of our campers. Student engagement with both our 21st Century Curriculum and targeted reading interventions ensures campers return to school in the fall with increased literacy and critical thinking skills.

February: Activate your Instructional Coaches

Camp Directors and Curriculum Directors will select a team of Instructional Coaches (IC) from a pool of teachers recruited and on-boarded by SummerCollab. Each IC will offer 10 hours a month of support on site at their placement camp, coaching year-round and summer staff on high-quality curriculum execution, facilitation, and behavior management. Coaches will work intensely with site staff throughout the Spring, building report and an essential foundation for coaching and observation during the summer. Between June and August, coaches will partner full time with camps, offering each counselor planning support, observation, and debrief every week.

March: Attend a hiring fair

SummerCollab works with nearby universities to bring new talent into partnering agencies to serve as summer camp counselors, or Teacher Counselors. Students from nearby schools of education or social services are invited to our hiring fairs to interface with the leadership of our partnering agencies. Camp Directors and leadership interview with select candidates, many of whom they ultimately hire.

April: Engage your PD Partner

By partnering with local, elite professional development vendors, SummerCollab offers our partners exciting professional opportunities for front line summer staff. Our vendors offer a variety of staff development packages that meet the various contexts and priorities of our partnering agencies. Camp Directors and Curriculum Directors will have the opportunity to engage with an array of possible vendors, and ultimately select one or more that will meet the unique developmental outcomes sought by the Leadership Teams. Each camp will then submit training proposals to SummerCollab, who will fund the professional development package that typically runs from March – June. (See Talent RFP Memo).

May: Improve supply management

Leadership Teams will select between two and four top high school students who will work full-time over the summer to support with supply management, operations, and data collection. These high school students, in the role of Operations Specialists, will become a central part of your team, aiding in the effective delivery of supplies to summer camp counselors. Prior to the first day of camp, all Operations Specialists will have assembled two weeks of Supply Kits. Camps can apply for additional funding from SummerCollab to support supply purchases related to high-quality execution of SummerCollab Curriculum.

June: Initiate data collection

Operations Specialists, working closely with SummerCollab and their camp’s Leadership Team will begin the process of collecting important data to help continuously improve the quality of summer learning at their agency. SummerCollab has partnered with Let’s Go Learn to generate immediate and accurate learning insights related to literacy. Operations Specialists will collect student data before the commencement of SummerCollab programming in order to ensure summer programming meet students’ precise needs. Operations Specialists will support in ongoing observation and interviews to students and staff to collect learning insights related to camp operations, staff effectiveness and student outcomes.

June-August: Activate the full bandwidth of your new leadership team

Months of planning, professional development, and talent onboarding enable camps to run smoothly and drive camper growth from Day One. Curriculum Directors ensure the systems are established as the necessary foundation for high-quality learning. Instructional Coaches work closely with Teacher Counselors to prepare them to engage students effectively and help them make strides towards improved educational outcomes. Operations Specialists support Teacher Counselors and Camp Directorship by aiding with supply management and broader camp operational needs and ensuring your team is equipped to capture learning insights related to your program execution. All members of this Leadership Team are in place well before summer, and work together to ensure camp is a success for campers.


Camp Directorship meet with SummerCollab team to reflect on assets and grow areas related to summer camp execution, counselor performance, and camper growth. Camp Directors will receive a summary of all camper data, packaged for external use for your funders or board members. Top camps will be nominated for public recognition at our award ceremony in November.