Reading Specialist

Reading Specialist


SummerCollab is a nationally recognized program that transforms educational outcomes for low-income children. By equipping community-based institutions and schools with the curricular, academic, and organizational resources, community agencies execute extraordinary summer learning programs. We employ and train top teachers, high school and college students to help them do it. In 2017, SummerCollab received the National Summer Learning Association’s Excellence Award for its innovative and impactful approach to making summer smarter.

SummerCollab focuses intensively on summer learning because leading education researchers today point to the summer opportunity gap as a key cause of the achievement gap.  To be precise, two thirds of the achievement gap is attributable to summer learning inequity. To solve this problem, SummerCollab specializes in empowering community based agencies to execute high quality summer learning programs.

Last year, SummerCollab helped nearly 2,000 kids reverse learning loss in reading comprehension, phonics and word recognition. This year, we will aim higher.  Through our alliances with nearly 40 community partners, cultural institutions and schools, we will engage Delaware’s highest need youth in dynamic, effective learning institutions that meet precise literacy deficits,  grow critical thinking skills, and deepen sense of self. With your help, Delaware’s highest-needs kids will explore, learn, and grow during the summertime.



In 2018, SummerCollab will introduce a new Americorps program, the Reading Corps. The Reading Corps’s mission is to facilitate targeted, high-quality reading interventions to at least 40% of participating youth during the summer. The Reading Corps will operate at each partner site during the summer, executing interventions using Let’s Go Learn, a hybrid digital-small group literacy intervention program, along with its accompanying diagnostic tool called Learning Edge.

The Reading Specialist executes the literacy intervention program while supervising the work of Reading Corps Members one of SummerCollab’s partner sites.  The Reading Specialist is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the reading intervention program including the coordination of supplies, creation of schedules for the Reading Corps Members and supervising the execution of the reading intervention program.  The Reading Specialist will track both student and Reading Corps Member progress throughout the summer, making necessary adjustments to schedules and interventions as changes arise.



For the Reading Specialist position, SummerCollab is seeking proactive problem solvers who have the desire and passion to help students reach their greatest potential.  The Reading Specialist position requires individuals who are flexible and adaptive to a changing environment, and are interested in managing a team.  The ideal candidate must have a background in providing targeted literacy interventions to individuals and small groups of students, and demonstrate strong leadership abilities.  Candidates should have three years of teaching experience, and be detail oriented and demonstrate extensive knowledge of RTI or literacy intervention.  He/she must be able to manage a team, providing clear expectations and support to all team members.



  • Attend and actively participate in all relevant training sessions
  • Develop and uphold accountability systems to ensure corps members carry out interventions with fidelity.
  • Determine appropriate research-based literacy interventions according to individual student needs
  • Analyze assessment data to determine appropriate intervention groups
  • Determine appropriate goals for student growth within the duration of the program
  • Develop a data tracking system for student reading intervention progress
  • Assess student progress in regards to reading intervention and communicate progress to team
  • Maintain intervention schedules and groups for Reading Corps Members, adjusting as necessary
  • Support and guide Reading Corps Members as they implement reading interventions
  • Maintain a positive attitude, addressing student issues in an appropriate, professional manner
  • Collaborate with other Reading Specialists in the SummerCollab throughout the summer to devise action steps and discuss progress

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