Operations Specialist

Operations Specialist


The Summer Learning Collaborative (SummerCollab) solves core capacity issues shared by summer camp providers to execute high quality learning experiences for low-income youth. In doing so, we fight summer learning loss and promote student achievement.


For five years, SummerCollab has tested and refined a support model for partners like The Boys and Girls Club and The Walnut Street YMCA. Last year, we helped 2,000 kids gain rather than lose in critical thinking, vocabulary, phonics and sight word recognition. This year, SummerCollab expands its network to five new member sites throughout the state of Delaware, including 2 in Wilmington and 3 in Sussex County.



The Operations Specialist is an essential member of the site team, assisting in the daily operations on the ground-level during the summer.  They are responsible for ensuring that each SummerCollab course is equipped with the necessary supplies for the day.  The Operations Specialist will develop a streamlined organizational system for supplies that maximizes efficiency, tracking supplies daily.  Additionally, Operations Specialists assist in the data collection for assessments administered at the camp, working with Teacher Counselors and Counselors to ensure accurate data collection.  Operations Specialists will develop reports based on this data to track student growth at the site.



SummerCollab is looking to hire self-motivated, flexible individuals to work as Operations Specialists at our member sites.  The ideal candidate must demonstrate strong organizational and time management skills. He/she should possess the critical thinking and problem solving skills to adapt and react to the day-to-day operations of a fast-paced environment.  Experience with data tracking and organization is preferred. Ideal candidates should be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and/or Google Drive as data collection and tracking are dependent on these systems.



  • Attend and actively participate in all Operations Specialist training sessions
  • Develop a streamlined organizational system for all supplies related to the SummerCollab curriculum
  • Facilitate the distribution, storage and collection of supplies daily
  • Communicate the organizational system to Teacher Counselors and Counselors, determining an appropriate time to deliver supplies daily/weekly
  • Ensure timely delivery of all supplies for daily instruction
  • Communicate with Teacher Counselors and Counselors regarding daily classroom operations
  • Develop and consistently maintain a data tracking system for assessment data
  • Collaborate effectively with Program Dean, Teacher Counselors and Counselors in order to troubleshoot concerns regarding supplies and resources

For more information, contact Jobs@summercollab.com