EXPLO Studio Instructor

EXPLO Studio Instructor


Tyler’s Camp, SummerCollab’s middle school academy, offers Delaware’s rising 4th through 8th graders a unique summer experience. Each Tyler’s Camp location targets a wide variety of students by providing arts, hands-on technology, and athletic options, alongside targeted literacy support. With this, students have the opportunity to see growth in their motivation, self-esteem, critical thinking, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.



EXPLO Studios is a not-for-profit organization based out of Norwood, Massachusetts and an extraordinary partner of Tyler’s Camp. Explo is a program where the traditional concept of learning is turned on its head and where experiments take the place of lectures. Students are encouraged to take a break from performance and assessment, and investigate subjects they’re not likely to encounter during the school year that they may find a passion and interest in. An EXPLO classroom is lively and active. Students are moving, designing projects, and challenging one another. Find out more at ​https://www.explo.org/.​



Explo instructors will receive rigorous training in well-crafted, research-based methods of thinking, and in turn will play a pivotal part to the growth and engagement of campers this summer. The roles and responsibilities of an Explo Instructor include:

  • Attending mandatory 4 day EXPLO Studios Training in June
  • Executing the provided EXPLO curriculum each day during the summer (Monday-Thursday)
  • Facilitating a high-quality of learning, by providing open-ended problem-solving experiences.
  • Allowing students to be the center of the action by encouraging hands-on learning and high levels of engagement
  • Attending any mandatory coaching sessions or debriefs



SummerCollab is seeking driven, experienced teachers and professionals with a passion for hands on, project-based learning in which students take control. Candidates should have a growth mindset and the ability to engage students with a varying degree of STEAM related knowledge and capacity. The ideal candidate for this role has 2 or more years working with children in grades 5-8, with strengths in student engagement, project-based learning and behavior management strategies. He/she should have a strong interest in developing mastery in facilitating EXPLO Studios curriculum. While candidates should have a strong instructional background, they should consider themselves lifelong learners who are open to engaging new pedagogical approaches.