The Summer Learning Collaborative (SummerCollab) solves core capacity issues shared by summer camp providers to execute high quality learning experiences for low-income youth. In doing so, we fight summer learning loss and promote student achievement.

Last year, SummerCollab helped nearly 2,000 kids reverse learning losses in reading comprehension, phonics and word recognition. This year, with the help of national leaders in summer camp execution and design, we will aim higher. Through our alliances with strong community partners like The Exploration School and Strive,  Delaware’s highest-needs kids will gain access to institutions that excite them.  Join us and help our kids get fired up to learn.


The Counselor primarily supervises campers during programs designed and implemented by the community agency.  Counselors are responsible for running recreational programming such as sports, arts, clubs, and any activities that do not include the SummerCollab curriculum.  Additionally, Counselors will provide behavioral and instructional support to Teacher Counselors during SummerCollab instruction.  Counselors will support students across all settings.  During these times, Counselors will work with the Teacher Counselors to ensure smooth daily operations during instruction.  Counselors will receive training on both child development and behavior management prior to the start of the summer session.



SummerCollab is looking to hire creative, passionate individuals who enjoy working with children of a variety of ages.  Candidates for the Counselor position should posses the leadership skills necessary to manage groups of students while providing a fun, safe and supportive environment for all students.  As Counselors will be in constant communication with Teacher Counselors, the ideal candidate will demonstrate effective communication skills, as well as the ability to maintain a positive and professional attitude.  He/she should be able to address student challenges quickly and effectively, collaborating with Teacher Counselors and Behavior Deans to support the behavior and academic needs of students.  The ideal candidate is flexible and willing to take on a variety of roles to support students.



  • Attend and actively participate in all Counselor training sessions
  • Attend meetings with the Program Dean, Program Coach and Camp Leader in order to gain a clear understanding of the camp vision, as well as day-to-day operations and systems that will be implemented in the summer
  • Facilitate student activities involved in recreational programming including but not limited to sports, arts and clubs
  • Provide instructional and behavioral support to Teacher Counselors during SummerCollab instruction
  • Communicate with Teacher Counselors and Behavior Deans regarding student behavior concerns
  • Use group management skills to supervise and engage all children in daily activities
  • Assist in providing a positive, supportive learning environment for all students
  • Maintain a positive attitude, addressing student issues in an appropriate, professional manner
  • Take a proactive approach to behavior management in the classroom, maintaining consistent behavior expectations for students
  • Effectively communicate with Teacher Counselors regarding daily classroom operations

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