Behavior Dean

Behavior Dean


SummerCollab is a nationally recognized program that transforms educational outcomes for low-income children. By equipping community-based institutions and schools with the curricular, academic, and organizational resources, community agencies execute extraordinary summer learning programs. We employ and train top teachers, high school and college students to help them do it. In 2017, SummerCollab received the National Summer Learning Association’s Excellence Award for its innovative and impactful approach to making summer smarter.

SummerCollab focuses intensively on summer learning because leading education researchers today point to the summer opportunity gap as a key cause of the achievement gap. To be precise, two thirds of the achievement gap is attributable to summer learning inequity. To solve this problem, SummerCollab specializes in empowering community based agencies to execute high quality summer learning programs.

Last year, SummerCollab helped nearly 2,000 kids reverse learning loss in reading comprehension, phonics and word recognition. This year, we will aim higher. Through our alliances with nearly 40 community partners, cultural institutions and schools, we will engage Delaware’s highest need youth in dynamic, effective learning institutions that meet precise literacy deficits, grow critical thinking skills, and deepen sense of self. With your help, Delaware’s highest-needs kids will explore, learn, and grow during the summertime.



SummerCollab strives to support its partner sites with the tools to build behavior management systems based on positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS). It is imperative to SummerCollab’s mission that participating youth feel supported and safe throughout their summer experience. Along with trauma-informed care, PBIS stands as a key component to ensuring that this is true for all 2,700 children SummerCollab serves this summer.

The Behavior Dean supports and assists the overall behavior management system at a member site. Behavior Deans proactively address behavior concerns, manage interruptive behavior, troubleshoot behavioral causes, and provide feedback to staff for best behavior management practices on a camper-by-camper basis. The Behavior Dean will support Teacher Counselors in the program space, when warranted, to help lessons or recreational programming continue, and subsequently run short-term behavior interventions. The Behavior Dean may interact with parents regarding student behavior, dependent on the member site’s communications policies. As the summer progresses, the Behavior Dean will refine the behavior management system with the support of Camp Leader and the Program Dean to better suit student needs.



SummerCollab is seeking proactive, flexible problem solvers with the desire and passion to help students reach their greatest potential. The ideal candidate for the Behavior Dean position must love working with children and must demonstrate strength in behavior management, as well as the ability to address behavioral challenges quickly and effectively with emotional constancy. Candidates should have 3 or more years of experience working in a school setting or similar background. He/she should possess the critical thinking skills necessary to develop supports for students with a variety of behavioral needs. The Behavior Dean should believe in the efficacy of positive behavior systems and culture to promote student outcomes. The Behavior Dean should be a team player, detail oriented and willing to work with others to solve student issues and have experience with PBIS systems.



● Attend and actively participate in all relevant training sessions, including winter, spring, and summer convenings
● Attend meetings with the Program Dean, Program Coach, and Camp Leader in order to gain a clear understanding of the camp vision and day-to-day operations for summer programming
● Be the standard-bearer for best practices for positive behavior management at one’s site
● Maintain a positive attitude while addressing student issues in an appropriate, professional manner
● Take a proactive approach to behavior management across the site, maintaining consistent behavior expectations for students
● Circulate consistently throughout site to ensure appropriate behavior of students
● Facilitate and support the implementation of the site’s behavior management program
● Establish a clear communication system with the Camp Leader, Program Dean, Teacher Counselors and Counselors to discuss behavioral concerns
● Communicate behavioral concerns to parents (dependent on each site’s communication policy)
● Collaborate with Teacher Counselors on behavior management strategies

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