About Community Mentor Network

Community Mentor Network (CMN) is a coordinated strategy that provides targeted 1:1 social-emotional learning and mentoring support to students who have experienced unprecedented learning and socio-emotional loss due to Covid. Through this effort, and in partnership with local universities and community-based partners, SummerCollab recruits, trains and activates mentor-tutors from communities in which mentees live.

Mentor-Tutors are trained and placed at a variety of community sites to meet youth where they are.  These locations may include churches, afterschool programs, and child care centers.  Through this model, mentor tutors are readily available for free to low-income, first-grade through eighth-grade students.

One-on-one mentoring provides consistent, effective, and personalized learning support and mentorship.  Sessions meet 2-4 days a week for approximately 1 hour per session.

Who We Are:

High-School Seniors



College Students

State & Federal Employees


College Professors

Behavioral Health Workers


Join our Team

“I mentor because children are our future and I know that with our help, they can be successful human beings.”
-CMN Mentor-Tutor

Receive a Mentor

“My child looks forward to meeting with her mentor every time. It’s great seeing her excited and happy.”
-CMN Parent

Host our Mentors

“The children at our site are hungry for someone to care. We need mentors here to help provide individualized attention.”
-Community Partner

Questions about Community Mentor Network?: KSwain@SummerCollab.com


Think about an impactful adult in your life. You may describe them as patient, thoughtful, wise, resourceful, fun, helpful, hard-working, encouraging, consistent, and trustworthy.  Now imagine pairing your child in a program with someone like that.

Through this program, your child will benefit from 1:1 mentor-tutor check ins that include:

  • A positive role model to check in on life and school
  • Academic support
  • Social-Emotional Development, focusing on:
    • Self Awareness
    • Self Management
    • Relationship Skills
    • Social Awareness